“If you own a small business then you literally need to take this course.

At first I thought taking one full day out of my busy schedule to listen to someone tell me how to use social media effectively seemed undoable, but then I realised I wasn’t that important and my Facebook account needed series attention. It turned out to be the best use of time I have spent working on my business in a long time.
Informative, current and not boring! Julia is as entertaining as she is knowledgeable.

We had a super group of like minded individuals and we collectively bounced off and learnt from each others mistake and successes in a fun but productive environment.

Honest to goodness couldn’t recommend more highly.”

Sarah Hussey – Dunedin Workshop, April 2016
Slick Willy’s
Perc Cafe’s


"To stay competitive and connect with both current and new customers, you need to have a solid digital marketing strategy and be confident with promoting your business through Instagram and Facebook. 
Julia's course changed my whole approach and view of social media - which I now know is the most effective way to market my business and get orders direct to my website. I went from focusing on promoting my products solely to shops to having a mixed strategy with an increased focus on social media. 

The new skills from the course gave me the confidence to effectively navigate and use social media for my business. I now actively use Instagram and Facebook to market my products and (thanks to the help of this course) have gone from 1k followers to over 10k followers on Facebook and 6k followers on Instagram - that are actively engaged. 

This course is a must for all business owners."

Laura Burbery - Wellington workshop 2015 / PIN + PITCH Oct 2016
Little Belle Designs


“I have been working on Social Media for business  & advertising since 2006 and thought I knew it all.
I had been on courses and seminars in Australia and was always ahead of what they were doing, so when I went to see Studio Home Biz Brains I was not expecting to get too much from it.  Well to my surprise it has completely changed the way I will use Social Media for my business. Ju provided valuable tips, insights and showed me a lot of new ways to engage with new customers and collaborate with local businesses.

I now have a strategy to hit my market and achieve what I want and more.  I highly recommend this course to any business out there; no matter the size.”

Tom Sweeney  – Dunedin Workshop, April 2016
Consultant / Director
Crew Consulting


I’ve been following Julia’s fantastic blog Studio Home for several years now and its been a rich source of guidance, inspiration and industry knowledge for me and my business.
When I heard she was running a workshop in my hometown on demystifying social media I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get in front of this lady in real life!
Im a self taught person who tries to take on too much, classic Taurean trait, and thought i had a fairly middling to average handle on social media for my business, but Julia’s workshop showed me how I could take that basic knowledge and ramp it up a thousand percent! Tips, tricks, and good old fashioned know-how!
I couldn’t wait to get home and put the knowledge into practice, and I’ve been studiously carrying out her instructions ever since. I’m noticing a very real measurable improvement, impact, and benefits already and its only been a couple of weeks.

It’s wonderful to find out your instincts are right…you just need some well honed knowledge, tools and guidance to propel you forward to maximise your efforts and the time you spend on the tasks.
Dividends aplenty. And meeting a group of like minded people who share similar challenges and passions was a very rewarding experience.
And the kai was KAPAI!

Thanks Julia you’re a star :)
Maureen Taane – Christchurch May 2016


“This workshop is the best!  From someone who didn’t really have too much of a clue on how to promote our business through social media & with limited technical knowledge I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Julia is so helpful & breaks everything down so even the most un-techno of us can understand & follow it easily.
The day flew by & the amazing people I met was an added bonus.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Thanks Julia!”
Kath Pilcher – Hamilton workshop, February 2016


"Julia’s expertise and professionalism infused with her natural warmth made the day very valuable as well as highly engaging and enjoyable.  I came away not only having added an extensive set of tools to my social media toolbox, but also, and perhaps of even more value - I have gained a far greater understanding of the role and potential benefit of social media within my business.  

I will be recommending this course to everyone I know who wants to enhance their business and brand using social media and I’m excited about developing this area further in my own business. 

Kirsten Nicholl - Christchurch Workshop 
June 2016
Clearchange Coaching


“As well as learning soooooo much (from zero!), it was such a lovely setting and great to be surrounded by such amazing creative people. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew – I felt like I was there for 1 hour – you are a great presenter!”
Bridget Foley – Wellington workshop, November 2015
Bridget Foley Design 


“Julia’s workshop walks the talk of social media. The content not only helps untangle the complexities of Facebook and Instagram, but the delivery of the content is social, inclusive and inspiring – everything we strive to be online.
I got so much value from this session and was able to immediately action a number of things to improve my accounts, as well as make a practical plan (as in an actual schedule) of how to go forward with confidence.

Cannot recommend highly enough.”
Prue Kane – Wanaka workshop, October 2015
Govino NZ


“This course is a must do for any small business. You will be educated and given a simple foolproof recipe to improve your marketing, networking and business presence through the most important social media channels online – all the “how too’s” to attract buying customers and faithful fans.
Julia’s passion and motivation to see business expand and do well is contagious. You leave feeling like “I’ve got this!”
Melissa Sharplin  – Wanaka workshop, October 2015


“I have been successfully using social media for many years and I felt like I had a good base of existing knowledge on the subject. Julia’s course gave me a better understanding in areas I was familiar with, and introduced me to many new areas well worth exploring. Following the workshop I felt I had not only more information regarding social media, but also a structured, well thought out plan on how to implement that information efficiently.

Julia also gave good advice around website functionality and usability. While these were things that were on the never ending “to do” list for the site, after the course, became top priorities. I highly recommend attending the course to anyone who is planning to use social media for business or promotion, or actual “networking”.
There is so much to know about social media, and this course is perfect for newbies and the experienced alike.”
John-Jo Ritson
Creative Director
Flashworks Media.


I am also available for private training and strategy sessions for projects who may have a unique point of view that doesn’t quite fit into the Workshop content OR for groups of 8 (min.) from one business.

“We had the absolute pleasure of a personal Social Media session with Julia in the initial stages of planning for opening our brand new Junior College in 2017.
We were a bunch of educators who thought they were tech and social media savvy, however, Julia opened our eyes in an engaging and personalised way to the many ways we had not explored for reaching out to our community through digital and social media. She led us through leveraging our social media in a way that best represents our organisation, using tech and media tools in a beautiful and efficient style, and how to connect with our community to build authentic and ongoing relationships.
She worked with us on everything from visual communication, to synchronising media do’s and don’ts and how to use data analytics to our advantage – for example, her approach to using insights and timing of posts and content helped us to reach over 12,000 new page viewers during our recruitment process helping us secure top of the line staff that we otherwise likely would not have reached and attracted!

Julia is an absolute joy to work with. An excellent communicator, warm, friendly, funny and extremely professional and knowledgable. We were left feeling we could access her for ongoing learning and support, and had a brilliant manual created by her to take away to refer to as we proceeded. Any educational organisation or business wanting to be serious about how they connect, create and sustain their community NEEDS to do this training.”

Kat B. Liu-Asomua
Leader of Learning
Ormiston Junior College