This is a full day comprehensive workshop delivered to groups of just 12-15, with live demonstrations, question times, group discussion, a detailed guide book and examples relating back to the industries of those in attendance.
All in language you can understand!

I outline not just “how” to prepare your business for social media activity but most importantly “why”!
The aim is to clarify the functions and actual use of each platform and ultimately give you all the tools you need to comfortably create an online strategy tailored to your business and your people.
We want to teach you to "cut through the fluff" not add to the noise, so the whole day is concentrated on how you can be effective with the time you spend on social media AND undertake activity that actually is of benefit to the brand/business/project that you are wanting to highlight. 

The content is relevant to any industry and the feedback received reflects its value to both beginner users with little experience through to those regularly posting but looking to streamline and boost knowledge.
You leave armed with the confidence and understanding to extend your use of social media well beyond your current activity and the nuggets of gold that actually GET you in front of more like minded people. EG: new potential customers.

Among other things you can expect to cover: 
- Vital features of a website
- The solid set up of an effective Facebook and Instagram page/profile
- Deeper exploration of Facebook and Instagram functions and analytics
- Utilising ways to grow awareness of your business for free and when to pay
- Social media etiquette
- A recipe to build your own social media strategy
- General effective practice and insider tips from someone constantly experimenting with these tools for her OWN business! 

$450 + gst per person
- Includes the presentation, catered snacks, plus the full, comprehensive Guidebook to take home.
(Unless specified otherwise, attendees will need to bring their own lunch.)
- You will also be added to our exclusive database and updated by email with changes to social media as we find them!

Need some more convincing?
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Over 2.5 hours we'll explore two quite separate BUT valuable subjects that can impact the growth of your small business. 

Many of us use it like crazy for gathering ideas for personal projects. But why not combine that time to highlight and throw bridges out leading back to your business? 

This presentation is a soft introduction o how businesses can integrate and use Pinterest as a "free" tool to gain exposure on a global scale. 

We'll explore :

- a solid set up for a business/brand presence on Pinterest

- ways to present your brand/business vs You, the curator

- Pinterest and your site

- ideas on set up and layout of boards

- interacting

- how to include your own content to pull people through to your site

- good practice

Social Media gives us a massive opportunity to promote our own businesses....but there is still great value in being shared by others! 
Many media outlets now have a 360 degree presence with, what was formerly known as; Traditional Media (magazines, newspapers, television, radio) commanding large audiences across their print, online platforms, video productions, events and collaboration projects that can propel brands into the spotlight of thousands of people. 

But how do you pitch your business/project/event/product to editors in a way that will get you noticed and get you published? 

I'll share my own knowledge gathered from curating one of NZ/AUS longest running design blogs plus valued tips from the editors leading some of our best, multi platform media outlets! 

We will cover : 

- importance of identifying relevant media

- how to make contact

- follow up? 

- multiple media coverage

- the needs/expectations of online media vs print media

$95 plus GST per person
- This is a 2.5 hour "after work" style class that will have no additional refreshments unless specified. 

- If you are booking this class AND the full day social media workshop, then please use the code DOUBLEWHAMMY to receive a discount of $20
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